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Saturday, September 03, 2005

St. Andrews and running in cairo

Yesterday we went to church at St. Andrew's United Church of Cairo. Friday service tends to be larger than Sunday, and we wanted to meet some of the congregation, including the new pastor, Clifford Lewis. St. Andrew's is an international, interdenominational, English-speaking congregation following liturgical traditions. It also hosts an educational and advocacy ministry for African refugees in Egypt. Most of the refugees fled their homes in the Sudan due to war or famine and came to Egypt to seek safety. It is at this school I will be the Children's Director of Ministries, and I am very excited to learn more and serve in whatever way is needed!

I almost can't believe it; this morning I went for a run (yes, run!) on the streets of Cairo with Jay and Stephen. We left by 6:30am in order to avoid all the people this fine Saturday morning. We avoided the side streets and stayed on the sidewalk next to the major street/highway. The exhaust and pollution (and maybe even the humidity) was awful and my lungs were burning but I was able to run for 1/2 hour without spraining an ankle or running into anyone. We were stared at, no doubt, and of course I was wearing pants and a full t-shirt, but goodness it felt great! YES! Carole said when school starts it'll be a bit more of a problem, since some of the 6,000 students will be arriving by 6:20am. YIKES!


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