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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

working when sick

I didn't go to school for more than 3 1/2 hours today. I went to bed with a horrible headache last night and woke up feeling the same, only more pressure in the sinuses and feeling like I was going to vomit. So, for the SECOND TIME already this fall, I stayed in bed instead of going to work. All of us have noticed our health is just not as good here, and I for one blame it on the pollution. Truly, it’s amazing how much the pollution can affect your physical wellbeing—your appetite, your level of energy, your nose and head (we wake up congested every day and when blowing our nose the buggers come out black…sorry, that was gross), your respiratory system (cough, cough), etc.

I couldn’t stay in bed all day, however, as I had scheduled two staff meetings with my two groups of teachers today. We have a lot of work to do before the end of the term, especially with Staff Appreciation night next week and the Closing Ceremony the following week. I rolled out of bed, put my glasses on, and went into work. People kept commenting, " look so professional in your glasses, Sarah!" I replied, "I just woke up." I arrived at school in time to deal with a fight and wrote a letter home to the parents saying the students are suspended (one for two days, another for 4 days); certainly not my favorite thing to do.

Ironically, just yesterday at morning assembly I spoke with the children about respect and cooperation. I told them they must listen to their teachers and respect each other, going on about the fact that they are in a wonderful place and they are VERY lucky to be students, as many kids their age (and their nationality) do not get an education. Even when other kids want to get an education, it can take years to get into a school because the waiting list is so long. I told them it is a gift to be here where they receive free education being taught by teachers who REALLY care about them.

So, I was totally out of it, because for the first half of the first meeting I kept referring to Francis as Dominic. Finally John Peter said, "Ah, Sarah, this is Francis. Dominic is not here." I looked like a complete idiot. Of course, we all had a good laugh and then I said, "My excuse is that I'm sick and just woke up" but still, that was BAD. And, of course I know the difference between the two. Goodness, Sarah!

After that I had about 30 people wanting to talk with me or ask me for things or whatnot. My office was full of people every moment today, and I felt so bad because I was just feeling like crap and really didn’t want to talk with anyone anymore. Instead of getting ahead today, I have another 5 things on my list to get done tomorrow. Let it be known---those principals at your elementary and high schools work darn hard for the teachers and students and they try darn hard to please people’s needs, even if it doesn't all work out that way! I have new found respect for Mr. Lyzsak.

I slept another 4 hours after work and just ate some Velveeta Shells and Cheese that Brice brought back from the states for me. Although it's now gone, it was good to have one of my favorite "comfort" meals on a sick day.


  • At 12/09/2005, Blogger Batkins said…

    Sarah, I certainly hope you are feeling better soon! I know exactly how miserable it can be to be sick away from home. You're in my thoughts!


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