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Thursday, January 05, 2006

can you say biased media?

From Stephen's December newletter, which can be found at

"Bethlehem also has been surrounded by a massive retaining wall. Nothing can quite prepare you for seeing this barrier, even though we had heard about it in the news. Most American media tend to be biased in Israel’s favor, as I found out firsthand in two interviews on Christmas Eve with the Associated Press and CBS. I was quoted very briefly in some stories, yet they omitted my comments about feeling safe and blessed to be there. Some of their questions were quite leading, including one that basically boiled down to, “What’s your opinion of Palestinian terrorism?” Well, I oppose it just as much as the next guy, and most people recognize that wrongs have been committed on both sides. However, Palestinians have been stripped of their homes and most means of sustaining economic growth. Terrorism occurs because people see no other way out. Is a wall the solution? It seems that it is not actually preventing conflict but simply dividing families."


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