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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

any given week

On any given day at St. Andrews a number of emotions run through me, from spirited joy to utter frustration. Take this week for instance. Beyond everything I just wrote in the other entry, add to that these couple of issues.
One: One of our teacher’s sisters was killed at the demonstration. She had just married one month ago.
Two: I just found out another teacher’s daughter died on December 23rd. She was sick for only a short time toward the end of December, and we gave money to cover the hospital bills while the girl went home feeling much better on December 18th. Yesterday I asked Peter, "How's your daughter doing?!" and he said, "Oh, Sarah, she died." Yelp. Fortunately he was able to talk it out and I think he'll be okay. He said, "God brings death along with life. We have to learn just to accept it, even though we are really struggling." His daughter was six.
Three: One of my favorite students, Fathi from a teen class, ‘traveled’ today. She came to school last Monday, the first day of class, to tell me she found out she’ll be resettled in New Mexico. She came again today to say goodbye. She is excited but also so very scared. I cried. Four: Yesterday Lynn started counseling the teen students in the aftermath of the protest break-up, who are in the process of learning that it’s okay for them to express how they feel. Some were able to admit their fear, anger, and grief. Others are plastering their wounds with walls so high the puss and infection of their hearts is only going to eat away inside of them until they allow themselves to let it out. They will never forget what happened, and how they learn to deal with now will impact them in the future.


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