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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The "Warm Up" Game

It was Day 3 for the Cairo sandstorm (mild) and after the hot air of Tuesday, the desert brought in a cold, windy evening last night and cool day today. Our students, many without proper warm clothing, were pretty chilled.

During the breakfast break I was doing my usual walk around the courtyard greeting the children as they came running past me yelling, "Hi Miss Sarah!", shaking my hand as they kept moving on to run off to eat or play. I noticed a lot of their hands were cold, and finally one student, Nadeel, sat by me long enough for me to ask her if she was chilly and get a positive response. A couple other kids piped in and said they were cold as well.

What came to mind? None other than a game I learned at Flathead Lutheran Bible Camp used to keep us warm on those cold nights in the Glacier Wilderness. You hold hands with another and simultaneously try to jump on each other’s feet while not letting the other stomp on yours. It gets you warm in a jiffy :-)

Hadeel and I played this little game and within seconds she was shrieking with joy. Soon a few other girls came up and wanted to play. After a few minutes of intense down-ward looking concentration on our feets, I looked up to find clusters of kids all around the courtyard playing this “warm up” game. I had to laugh! It was adorable. (Gosh I love kids!) Yeah FLBC!


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