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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Egypt wins!

Egypt is victorious!

Mabrook for Egypt!

Yes, Egypt won the African Cup on Friday night in a shoot-out after a game of no scoring. What an intense night for Egypt! I was in Maadi, a good hour south of where I live in Cairo, watching the game at Lynn and Dick's home with the other volunteers. I won't say who (must protect our identities!) but two of us rooted for Ivory Coast and the rest of us wanted Egypt to win. I forgot how much I can really enjoy a competitive game. Can't wait for Basketball in America!

During the game the streets were relatively quiet as everyone had their eyes glued to the TV screen. A number of movie theatres even opened doors to show the game on the big screen. After the Egyptian win the streets were absolutely nuts. We took a taxi home from Maadi and ended up getting caught in a number of mobs on the street. I bought an Egyptian flag earlier in the day and waved it out the window through the streets, screaming "Yeah Egypt!" In fact, most cars of people had flags out the windows, people had their face painted red, white, and black, and everyone was honking and shouting. People were running through the streets with aerosol containers making sparks of fire, lighting off fireworks, doing cartwheels, banging on drums, and dancing around. Even some of the highways were swarmed so many people it stopped traffic. It was the most festive moment I’ve ever witnessed. The entire country banded together that night in exuberant joy. No one could use his cell phone for a good hour because the signals were so busy. I found that people smiled at me in a new way as well—it was a comradely I never experienced until that night when I was shouting joys of victory alongside the Egyptians. Great fun!

Aside: Earlier in the day I went to Islamic Cairo and toured Al Azhar Mosque---with the oldest university in world! I absolutely love Islamic art, and the mosque was gorgeous! Across the street is Al-Hussein Mosque, one of the most holy places in the Islamic world with the head of Hussein (the Prophet's grandson) inside.


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